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Seed Grain Processing

Seed Grain Processing

Stepova Agricultural Corporation provides services in complex processing of different crops seeds under European standards with minimization of seed injury. All operations are carried out at the modern factory using most advanced equipment from the world leading company Cimbria.

List of works at Cimbria factory
- Products acceptance
- Initial product treatment
- Product drying
- Secondary product treatment
- Product processing with indented separator cylinders
- Product calibration into three separate grades
- Seeds cleaning on the gravity table dividing them into weight grades
- Processing of seeds with an optical separator
- Seed pretreat
- Packing seeds into bags
- Products palletizing
- Loading onto freight transport
Factory of small lots
- Acceptance of corn seeds in cobs
- Drying of corn in cobs (in special containers)
- Cob hulling
- Pre-cleaning of heap
- Corn seed calibration to 5 grades



Official representative for sale of seeds

  • Service maintenance of large equipment, fuel and procurement of spare parts:
    +38 097 859 66 66 - Vyacheslav


Products are collected by customer from the warehouse. You can pay for products any way you prefer. Also we are looking forward to help you woth organizing shipping to any place in Ukraine.

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30.03.2020 18:08
Храним на складах "Степной" СЗР. Есть стоянка для грузовиков. Склады отвечают высоким качествам. Выгрузка-загрузка осуществляется быстро и оперативно несмотря на относительно большие очереди.
24.02.2020 15:54
Орендуємо склад. Треба відзначити високу компетентність персоналу. Дуже задоволені якістю приміщення, все на найвищому рівні. Рекомендую цю компанію.
15.01.2020 14:42
Дякуемо Степова за гарну роботу, дуже гарне обслуговування.

Main office Stepova Agrocorporation

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Logistic Centre, Warehouse, Plant

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