Warehouse 2600


Warehouse 2600

APPOINTMENT: for seed storage and means for protection the plants
Working sill height: 6 m.
Column spacing: 6х12 m.


  • The warehouse has all the necessary permits;
  • heating system for storing plant protection products in winter (system fancoil);
  • roof and walls are insulated with polypropylene;
  • dust-free floors (alpha floor);
  • storage of seeds in a temperature regime:

    - in the autumn-winter period up to +5ºС .

  • Works specialized security system;
  • products acceptance, transportation, shipment;
  • products control and accounting;
  • efficient arrangement for products loading and unloading;
  • office establishment for comfortable business running at the territory of a rented warehouse.



For further detailed information on the warehouse complex of Stepova Agricultural Corporation and questions connected with warehouse premises rent, please, contact our manager, who will accompany you within the whole process of your crops preparation to storage and delivery:

Leading rental specialist
Sadovnikova Natalya Grigoryevna
Contact phone number:
Head Rental Department
Maxim Shunkin


Contact phone number:





  • Dnipro, Berezynska Str., 80
  • +38 095 794 79 38
    +38 067 549 31 90

    Warehouse rental questions:
    +38 050 362 88 99
    +38 067 614 58 27


Products are collected by customer from the warehouse. You can pay for products any way you prefer. Also we are looking forward to help you woth organizing shipping to any place in Ukraine.

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25.05.2019 18:47
Мне понравились ребята которые меня консультировали, уверена у них все получится, так как товар качественный!! Удачи вам ребята!!
15.05.2019 09:37
Очень ответственная компания. Быстро связались со мной, цена на аренду очень порадовала. Рекомендую.
03.05.2019 19:50
Професійні поради і індивідуальний підхід до клієнта, оперативність і приємне спілкування, все на високому рівні

Main office Stepova Agrocorporation

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