Cultivating on demand


Cultivating on demand

Stepova Agricultural Corporation also deals with cultivation on demand of numerous hybrids, seeds, sunflower commodity grains, corn, wheat, barley, pea and other crops.

The geographical location of fields and industrial areas ensure perfect spatial isolation within the radius of 1 500 meters from the seed cultivation lands.

Our professional technical teams can ensure timely performance of all agricultural operations.

In addition Stepova Corporation has its own beekeeping unit that provides local intensive pollination of hybrid crops in the spatial isolation.

After harvesting Stepova Agricultural Corporation provides services for the final processing of materials at the factory equipped with exclusive Cimbria machinery.


Official representative for sale of seeds of LLC "TD "STEPOVA"

  • Dnipro,
    Berezynska Str., 80
  • +38 095 794 79 38 - Svetlana
    +38 067 549 31 90 - Anna
    +38 099 645 49 33 - Helena

  • Warehouse rental questions:
    +38 050 362 88 99, +38 067 614 58 27 - Natalya


Products are collected by customer from the warehouse. You can pay for products any way you prefer. Also we are looking forward to help you woth organizing shipping to any place in Ukraine.

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11.09.2019 17:17
Щиро дякую за якісний насіннєвий матеріал гібридів кукурудзи РАМ 1023, Данііл та РАМ 1333. Цього року отримала дуже гарний врожай.
06.09.2019 12:17
Брал кукурузу на посев. При такой засухе думал, останусь без урожая. Но как оказалось, гибриды хорошо показали себя. Рекомендую РАМ 1333!!!
02.09.2019 13:50
Спасибо коллективу "СТЕПОВА" за хорошее отношение к клиентам, за качественный товар, за доступное разъяснение агронома. С уважением, Андрей!

Main office Stepova Agrocorporation

  • Dnipro, Berezynska Str., 80
  • +38 (0562) 399-100, +38(095) 794 79 38

Logistic Centre, Warehouse, Plant

  • Dnipropetrovsk Region, Synelnykovskiy A., Vesele, Tokovaya Str, 2