Soft wheat (winter)

Originator: Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute of NAANU

Registered in the State Register of Cultivar Croppers of Ukraine in 2006


Variety: Erythrospermum  

Recommended growing area: Prairie, Forest steppe, Woodlands


Morphological and Biological Character


Height: 96-111 cm

Crop season: 283-287 days


Spike length: 10.1-12.2 cm

Cylinder shaped

Spike colour: white

Seed shape: ovoid

Colour: red

Weight of 1000 seeds: 43-47 grams



Standing ability: 8-9 of 9

Cold endurance: 8-9 of 9

To affection: 5-6 of 9

To shatter: 8-9 of 9

To seed germination in a spike: 8-9 of 9


Overall bread score          5.1-5.4 points 

Gluten content                    28-32%

Crude protein                      13.5-14.0%

Flour strength                      W 356-458 points

Potential yield capacity     73.0-119.0 hwt/ha


This is an exceptionally resistant hybrid and heavy yield variety. This is the most winter variety by duration of a vernalization period.


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